Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MSTR Personal BI

Now in this competitive BI market, BI Vendors are rapidly adapting/supporting latest BI technology trends such BI in Cloud, Social BI and Mobile BI etc. For last few months, I am watching the BI market space just out of curiousity for new product releases, M&As, MoU etc from BI vendors. Quick response and transformation of MSTR to support these latest technologies catches my eye and providing MSTR service as part of Informatica cloud is good strartegic move.

Recently I heard about this free personal BI service from MSTR from one of my colleagues. You can get more details from the below link.

“MicroStrategy Announces Cloud Personal, a Free SaaS-based Business Intelligence Service”

Out of curiosity, I have created this peronal dashboard report, analyzing my personal spending for last 3 months. [;)]

Also I have submitted my dashboard for the dashboard competition conducted by MSTR, wish me luck.. [:)]

Meet you all in my next blog. Happy Learning!

Here is the tweet from Microstrategy.
"It's easy to gain insight in 60 seconds with MicroStrategy Cloud Personal. Watch our new video and send us your own: link"

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