Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some of the DW and BI links

Its been longtime since i blogged. Yesterday i came across some of the links regarding the Business intelligence andData warehoussing. Since i have worked in some of the DW and BI tools, i have a flair to watch the BI market. I got the following useful links from one of the site.I thought it is worthful to share those links.
1)BI & Data Warehousing Resources -
2)Claudia Imhoff’s blog -
3) Cyril on Business Intelligence -
4) DM Review -
5) Frank Backes' Data Warehousing blog -
6) Microsoft Business Intelligence blog by Patric Husting -
7) Monash University's Business Intelligence blog -
8) Nicholas Goodman’s blog on BI -
9) Oracle Business Intelligence blog -
10) Ralph Kimball official website -
11) Santosh's BO Forum -
12) SUN CEO's blog -
13) The Data Warehousing Institute -
14)Wordpress on Business Intelligence - Oracle -

Would like to share more experiences, So started exploring the universe..


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