Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hi All,

Good to meet you all after 4 days. No Change in my belief that writing a blog will always improve your confidence in many ways.

Some of the things - that a blog will improve( in my view**)

1) It will instill a habit of reading of reading other's Blog.
I have been a regular reader of other's blog. Regular in the sense - not regular to a particular blog, but regularly visiting some blogs.

Kind of blogs i will be interested.

1) Technical Blogs - where professionals share resources, tricks and tips.
2) Book reviews - Will skim through the blogs of bibiliophiles' and bibiliomaniacs' blogs to get an idea of a reader. I will compare those feelings with my feelings that i came across when i read the same book. Will evaluate their writing skills with mine and ask myself a set of questions like.
Whether i can able to write a blog like that on that particular book i read?
Can i able to use words that much effectively?
Wil it be intriguing and engrossing to the user who read my blog?
3) General Self Development blogs- where the blogger laments about the tragedy, criticize the evnets, processes. express their liking towards others' blogs.

Today's Links

Where the blogger discussed about the first data warehousing interview question and some other links interested he is interested in. He is working in OWB i think so as he discussed about the OWB patches.

The following question is very interesting.

What does NULL mean?
The value NULL is a very tricky subject in the database world, so don't be surprised if several applicants trip up on this question. The value NULL means UNKNOWN; it does not mean '' (empty string). Assuming ANSI_NULLS are on in your SQL Server database, which they are by default, any comparison to the value NULL will yield the value NULL. You cannot compare any value with an UNKNOWN value and logically expect to get an answer. You must use the IS NULL operator instead.

My Comment to the above question : We can also use some NULL Functions like NVL, NVL2 and COALESCE to handle NULL Values.

Awaiting our Next meet. As i am going to my home town on Vacation.

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